Types of Concrete Sleepers

Concrete Sleepers are currently the perfect retaining wall building material. The strength of the concrete allows you to build higher walls, and they will never rot or be affected by pests like timber does. These characteristics make concrete sleepers an ideal solution when building a retaining wall or a garden bed.

What Are The Different Types of Concrete Sleepers and What Are They Used For?

There are different types of concrete sleepers serving commercial as well as domestic purposes. All of them are constructed by world-class engineers and come in many designs and budgets. The most common uses are building concrete sleeper retaining walls, concrete sleeper garden beds and concrete sleeper steps.

Here we are listing the five major types of concrete sleepers and what they are used for:

1. Woodgrain Concrete Sleeper

The woodgrain concrete sleepers are one of the most cost-efficient sleepers. They are used instead of the old-fashioned timber ones; yet, they give the same look with added strength and durability to it.

The Malibu Textured Woodgrain Concrete Sleeper is one of the best products offered. It never gets old and is available in many sizes. The charcoal and jasper colours provide a modern and stylish look that is perfect for a concrete sleeper retaining wall. Sandstone colour is also available for custom orders. If they are thin enough, then concrete sleeper garden beds and concrete sleeper steps can also be constructed.

These sleepers are structurally engineered to make a concrete sleeper retaining wall. The colors used accent well with the sleek, stylish look of houses. All concrete sleepers are reinforced with 2 steel bars.

Besides being used as a concrete sleeper retaining wall, this type of sleeper is also used for an outdoor garden.

The woodgrain concrete sleepers are an economical and environmentally-friendly choice. They are perfect for maintaining a backyard with the help of concrete sleeper garden beds or for your concrete sleeper retaining walls. Concrete sleeper garden beds are low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing for garden paths and pavement blocks.

2. Smooth Face Concrete Sleepers

The smooth-face concrete sleepers are another famous choice that comes in handy for maintaining retaining walls.

The Marina Smooth is one product offered worldwide that falls in this category. It is available in both plain and charcoal colours. The colour and style make it perfect for any domestic or commercial job. They have a plain yet modern look that can also be used as concrete sleeper garden beds in homes.

The length and breadth are enough to create a concrete sleeper retaining wall for outdoor gardens. The best part is their strength and force. In harsh weather conditions, they do not rot, flake or deteriorate. Their beveled edge creates a classy concrete sleeper retaining wall.

It can be used for any landscape project, modern homes or commercial project.

3. Stackstone concrete sleepers

The stackstone concrete sleepers, also known as the rock face concrete sleeper, is always in high demand. Especially used for concrete sleeper retaining walls, it gives a straight and sharp look.

Stackstone sleepers are textured no matter what color is used, the resulting finish is always sleek. The Manhattan has the superpowers to convert just a simple concrete sleeper retaining wall and concrete sleeper garden bed into a backyard designer element.

It is available in many sizes that vary from 1800mm to 2400mm. The colours mainly used with this style are charcoal and jasper. The colour sandstone is also available on custom orders. This sleeper is well built and doesn’t require high maintenance every other season. Whether it be retaining walls in home designs or commercial buildings, stackstone concrete sleepers are always the right choice.

Besides being used as concrete sleeper retaining walls, they can also be used as concrete sleeper garden beds. It can be used for plant raisers and terraced gardens or backyards.

Summing it up

Now you have an idea about the types of concrete sleepers that are trending nowadays. So, go ahead and choose the one that suits your needs best!