1.2m Concrete Sleepers

  • Our Marina smooth bevelled-edge concrete sleeper is the perfect solution for commercial and domestic applications. Being a smooth concrete sleeper, the variety of options is endless. The Marina sleeper can be used for standard retaining walls and landscaping projects. It’s fit for various homes no matter the current aesthetic and can be used to create a garden bed.

    The Marina Smooth bevelled-edge sleeper gives durability and provides a seamless look no matter the surrounding it's placed in. It is a fantastic option for locations with various harsh weather conditions as it will not rot, flake or deteriorate. It provides a sense of protection to an area whilst giving a sophisticated finish. It comes in either plain or a smooth charcoal colour.

    All of our concrete sleepers are designed to last. Whilst the initial investment may look daunting to some. The decision to choose our products is an economical one. Concrete sleepers don’t decay over time and rarely need to be replaced. All of our concrete sleepers aren’t susceptible to termite and ant rot.

    Explore our other concrete sleepers options: woodgrain concrete sleepers or stack-stone concrete sleepers.

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    Size : 1190 x 200 x 80